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Originally Posted by Prairiewolf View Post
Looking to buy my first semi-auto shotgun. I want it to do alot, I don't want to buy multiple shotguns. It'll pull duty on migratory, upland, and perhaps predator defense. Is a 3.5" chamber really worth it? Seems shotguns were around as 3" for a long time. Thoughts and practical applications appreciated. Thanks.
Pretty simple you can't shoot 3.5" if you don't have a 3.5 chamber. May not use it much but it's there if you want it. In reality #3 shot going 1550 fps is no different coming from 2.75, 3 or 3.5 " longer shells only give you more shot not more killing power. I have a Beretta 391 3.5" I shoot 2.75 for ducks, 3" for geese 95% of the time and maybe 3.5" 5%.
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