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Originally Posted by harris View Post
Lost fly box second week of July, 2020
55-57 km mark of the Livingstone river
4x5 inch grey box with inside flap*
Reward - a custom order of hand tied flies*


I accidentally dropped a fly box at about the 54-57 km mark the second week of July. I went back and walked the section where I thought it might have been but it was long gone. I am hopeful that someone found it and that I might be able to get it back... It was a 4x5 inch grey box with an inside flap. On the outside it had two stickers about the*"no lead" hooks inside.*These were all tied by me and it would be great to get it back. If returned, I would be happy to give some hand tied flies in return, you choose the fly type and I will tie them up. This was my Banff park fly box and we have a trip planned for mid*August and I hope I don't have to re-tie the entire box


Hope you find it. Maybe a local Facebook page might have a posting. Not sure where that river is but give it a try.
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