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Whitetail200 08-11-2019 04:59 PM

Another Controll Problem ( Coyotes )
Certainly not like my Beaver situation . A farmer contacted me for a neighbor early summer who was having a coyote problem killing chickens & lost a small dog & I believe it went to two dogs . I referred him to ADC people & gave him 3 numbers for contact . At least 2 weeks later he phoned me & said there still was a coyote problem . I asked what happened to the ADC people, he didn't know what the story was with neighbor but I suspect they didn't like the cost & asked me about if I would do it & I told him a cost . Haven't heard from him since . Don't know how they made out . I do trap coyotes on a small piece of his land in season but no where near where he lives . It's like some people understand & have no problem with payment & others well not so much .

coyote_man 08-11-2019 08:22 PM

My feelings in regard to doing damage control differ quite a bit as to those of many others.I do not mind helping people out who are asking me to help as it has given me access to a lot of places year round.Yes it costs me money but I feel that is very little in return to the access and good reputation that I may be developing ,still at the ripe old age of close to 70. In my case I am not taking work from anyone except in one case.Sorry about that one,Marty.

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