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PlayDoh 05-29-2020 05:09 PM

Older 16ft I/O boat $750
I bought the boat for the trailer, and Iím going to put it on my current trailer. I just sandblasted the entire trailer and painted it. Bearings are 4-5 years old with bearing buddies.
Boat is a K&C Thermoglass, closed bow with an I/O. I donít know what motor it is, or what condition itís in. The deck feels solid, but it has sat uncovered, outside for a couple years at least.
It had either a deep scratch / gouge / hole repaired, and it looks like itís been used a bit since the repair. Other than that the hull looks good.
Itís a project for sure, and I have enough of those already.

PlayDoh 05-30-2020 11:47 AM

Iíll add that if you want just the boat, you can have it for free.

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