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mickc 04-21-2017 02:20 AM

The 116 Body grip Trap,

mickc 04-21-2017 02:42 AM

I use this trap mainly for rabbits and the 110 for squirrels as the law requires me to , the body grip is a very good and versatile trap but our laws make it very difficult to use at its full potential, I was once clearing rabbits from an overgrown wire filled hedge with a variety of traps and snares the first night I was visited by a litter of well grown fox cubs and they killed and ripped apart about twenty rabbits of various sizes , I cleared it all up and replaced the snares and reset the traps that night the foxes visited me again and done more mayhem but three of them stayed behind , two almost fullgrown cubs in the grippers and another in a rabbit snare there was half eaten rabbits scattered all around the warren latter that week I caught two more cubs in rabbit wires in the next field .

Reeves1 04-21-2017 06:00 AM

Cotton Tails & Ferret .... where are you ?

mickc 04-21-2017 06:16 AM

Where am i

Originally Posted by Reeves1 (Post 3522328)
Cotton Tails & Ferret .... where are you ?



bill9044 04-21-2017 08:04 AM

Is that really a ferret? Do you have wild ferrets around England. I may seem like a dumb question but I'm not up on the animals of England. What is their main food source?

mickc 04-21-2017 08:36 AM


Originally Posted by bill9044 (Post 3522393)
Is that really a ferret? Do you have wild ferrets around England. I may seem like a dumb question but I'm not up on the animals of England. What is their main food source?

Hunting Rabbits with Ferrets is very popular and I have done it for 60 years ,often people with no idea give it a go and do not have the kit or sense to retrieve their ferret when it kills underground when this happens they soon revert to being wild and they are natural and fearless killers , they eat any thing from frogs to gamebirds eventually they will fall victim to someone like me who traps rabbits. I catch around 2/3 a year in kill traps which is a shame because they are easily tamed and make good workers, one year I snares a large Hob/Buck and managed to get it out and it proved a good worker over a good few years [IMG][/IMG]

mickc 04-21-2017 09:14 AM,

This is that ferret back at work a few days after he was caught

bill9044 04-21-2017 09:23 AM

I have seen guys here in North America use mink to catch muskrats. Apparently you learn something new every day. Are you over run with rabbits? Do you do much ratting? I have seen the odd ratting video or guys shooting rats with pellet guns

mickc 04-21-2017 10:15 AM


There are some good pockets of rabbits about but nothing like the numbers there were before the government introduced the disease in the 1950s
Young lads start off with rats they use silent air rifles with night vision in pig sties and chicken sheds any where they cannot use poison .
Ioften catch the odd rat when I am trapping rabbits though the type of trap I use often throws the rat through the jaws and holds them by the tail then they either bite it of or the other rats will eat it alive and just leave a skeleton fastened to the trap by the tail .

bill9044 04-21-2017 10:28 AM

I am quite curious. Would you mind taking pics of your traps you catch the rabbits and rats with. I am aware of bodygrips. That last one looked odd to me I am just fascinated by your trapping over there

mickc 04-21-2017 11:37 AM

The imbra rabbit trap,],8.jp[/IMG],

mickc 04-21-2017 11:57 AM,
IMBRA, a very good trap much sought after by the few pros left in the game ,light ,easy to set ,deadly

mickc 04-21-2017 12:19 PM

The juby rabbit trap,
JUBY , my preferred trap very powerful , set by boot , will kill anything and 60 years old . .If you want any more pictures let me know .

mickc 04-22-2017 06:49 AM

When I retired ten years ago I went snaring and trapping full time snaring mainly but I always put a few traps down to fill my morning a lot of rabbits went to pubs, they were all dressed out and made good money the rest would go to market to be auctioned , in the above picture is a typical weekly sale at Melton Market I think I put them all in that day and each rabbit you see is one of a pair . Happy Times.

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