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Serengeti Charters 09-13-2012 10:17 PM

End of Year Report/Pictures
Well guys,

What a year it was! From the middle of June till the 3rd week in August it was non stop action for Chinook! Spurts of TONS of Coho were thrown in there as well, as early as the end of June. Literally, some days two rods could not even be in the water without a Chinook hitting...limits were often caught in under 2 hours and that includes losing just as many as we caught most days.

Halibut and bottomfishing remained very strong, this year we added many, many new bottomfish spots to our arsenal and because of it limits of Lingcod, Yelloweye Rockfish (Red Snapper), and various other rockfish could be caught in an hour or so, that's 12 Lingcod and 12 Yelloweye at most of the spots. This year our guests caught 15 halibut over 100lbs, and many more over the 40lb mark. 3 halibut over 100lbs were also caught and released. I still have a lot of spots marked that I just didn't have time to try yet, so if we do add a 3rd boat that will make it easier to try them all out and find even more halibut locations.

There were many highlights to the year, for me its often fishing with the many friends that come up and even more so being able to fish beside my dad everyday (and usually beat him ). It's the kind of father-son bonding that most don't get to is such a great way to do this, and I'm very lucky to have the privilege of doing so for 3 months of the year.

Some other highlights this year were:

- 50lb Chinook caught by a young lady that weighed less than twice the size of the fish.

- The weather this summer was extremely good...minus about a week...when snapfisher happened to come He understood though, and still the 2nd day in calm waters only seconds from the marina limited out on all their salmon! Looking forward to August of next year with you bud!

- 225 lb halibut caught by a good friend and return guests of mine...we actually tag teamed it and shared many laughs AT each other as we were reeling! As far as I know the largest guided halibut out of Port Hardy (but may be wrong), but for sure in the past 10 years.

- Our guests the Henderson's who were celebrating Dave's (the dad) 60th What fun we had on the boat...non stop action for Coho at the end of August, couldn't get two rods down...unreal bottomfishing, filled the boat every day, and he caught a beautiful 30lb Chinook to boot. I don't know if I've laughed more on the water in all honesty. What a great group, and looking forward to having them back next year.

- The Chinook fishing between mid June and 3rd week in August...can't be matched anywhere on the coast, period! I love seeing the big Chinook hit and whap the rod right off the downrigger...and when you are seeing double header after double header and don't have to wait more than 2minutes for a bite, that's the life folks! This is what I get to experience every year...about 90% of the days between these dates it's limits of Chinook in only a few hours. It'd be quicker but it's called fishing for a reason, gotta lose some!

- Getting our new lodge dog to join our black lab, our golden retriever puppy Sophie...what a doll! Can't ask for a better pup!

- Fighting a sea lion for 20minutes only to win the battle and get back a 47lb Chinook! Well worth the fight and time!

- Awesome day halibut fishing, 130, 125, 85, 80, and 75lb halibut plus limit of Lings, Snapper, and then went and tagged out on Chinook between 20 and 34lbs in only an hour! Doesn't get any better than that!

- One final highlight is looking at the calendar at the end of the year and seeing that we gave so many guests such a great trip, that they almost all rebooked for 2013! AND a 3rd boat will be needed in the upcoming year to meet the demand (as almost fully booked for 2 boats now). It feels great to know that so many people enjoyed themselves with us and caught so many fish that they have to do it the next year again. I think nearly every single AO member that came with us this year rebooked for 2013, and if not, the one group that didn't was excited to come back in 2014.

We are leaning towards a 3rd boat, but still book quickly or else we may not have any room! If you have any questions or would like a list of AO references for an upcoming trip, please let me know. I will post some pictures below and hopefully they get your fish senses tingling so much you throw me a PM! Let's make some great memories and eats for 2013 guys!

Please watch for us on The Hunting Chronicles this upcoming winter, we have 2 episodes coming out, one salmon, one bottom fish and halbut! Big halibut, won't want to miss out, plus a salmon day where we are into over 35 Chinook! This will prove to you guys I'm a straight shooter with the kind of fishing you can expect No BSing to get you to book, what we say we deliver on, hence so many rebookings

Best Wishes and Tight Lines,
Serengeti Fishing Charters

Serengeti Charters 09-13-2012 10:21 PM

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Serengeti Charters 09-19-2012 03:42 PM

Many thanks to the dozens of AO members that came out in 2012 and rebooked for 2013. If you'd like to join them this upcoming season please let me know as soon as possible :) We'll get you on a trip of a lifetime, more fish than you can imagine, matched with just as many laughs and memories!

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