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Serengeti Charters 05-20-2020 01:58 PM

June and July Salmon Fishing New Last Minute Rates - HUGE Deal
Hey there everyone,

As you all probably know the border closure has extended until June 21. Due to this and covid we are offering a big discount on trips out to the coast this upcoming summer. I’ll list the prices below. They are for June and some of July. These are all inclusive prices, includes all your food, accommodations, fully guided on our elite fleet of 28-31ft Pursuit boats by our best guide crew we have ever had, lunches on the boats etc. Only things not included are fishing licenses, custom processing, and beer/hard liquor (you Alberta boys know how to drink ;) ) :lol: I can honestly say this is a once in a lifetime deal, we are always 100% sold out and get the odd last minute cancellation which I throw to you guys but anything like this is unheard of, as is the whole situation at the moment. As a small family business, we are lucky to still be operating as most medium and large lodges have shut down for the season, or will be announcing shortly that is the case. Hopefully if you had a trip planned at one of these and you still want to come to the coast you will give us a chance.

I really want to emphasize we are going above and beyond this summer to ensure everyone’s safety. I realize some of you may be hesitant due to covid but if there’s one thing I want to reassure you all is we are not taking any risks. My father is a type two diabetic and over the age of 65, he is at the lodge most of the summer and the last thing I will ever do in my life is put him at risk considering the life he has given me and the fact he is my best friend. BC only had 2 new cases yesterday, AND Vancouver Island has had 0 in 12 days, and only has 1 ACTIVE CASE!! One!

We are providing masks for all our guests this summer, as well as gloves, and sanitizer. We also have spray sanitizer for the rods, bathrooms, and the whole lodge will be spray sanitized daily. Separate sittings for meals to ensure social distancing between separate groups is also occurring. Again, I emphasize every stone will not be left unturned to ensure safety and that everyone feels comfortable and can relax on what will be one of the best fishing trips you will ever take.

Speaking of fishing! You won’t find better fishing on the coast. Period. We put the hours on the water as well to ensure you fill the box. We make sure you get your money’s worth. On top of that you will easily leave with more fish in dollars than the cost of the trip. Not that that is what it is all about, but it does help. Fishing is already on fire, over the weekend we tagged out on Chinook and even put a Tyee in the boat already! 32 LBS ! (See below). Also released a 141 LB halibut and caught a few good eaters and limited on rockfish and lingcod.

We have been a sponsor of the forum for over 10 years now, and have taken dozens of you out, and hope maybe one bright spot from this situation is that we get to give a lot more of you ,and maybe some of you that wouldn’t have been able to otherwise a trip of a lifetime. We have always supported Alberta Oil and Gas, despite being from BC and what some may believe about “BC’ers”, and will continue to do so in the future. Also, many in BC are opening Albertans with open arms, check out this story:

I hope to see many of you out with us this summer, I know we will do everything we can to give you the best trip to the coast you can imagine. We also have a single looking for one more to join him! Let me know if you have any questions at all,

3 Day All Inclusive Trips

4 per boat: $1825 per person (+ GST)

3 per boat: $2100 per person (+ GST)

2 per boat: #2625 per person (+ GST)

We also offer 2 day, 4 day trips, and boat only charter trips


June 3-5
June 6-8
June 9-11
June 17-19
June 23-25
June 26-28
June 29-July 1
July 2-4
July 6-8

Tight Lines,
David Summers Jr
Serengeti Fishing Charters

Previous June's fishing:

Serengeti Charters 06-09-2020 01:36 AM

Hey guys, pretty amazing response, are now fully booked until July 11th! We are extending this to some later dates in July so if interested let us know. Fishing right now is just insane...literally multiple double headers a day, on tide, or off tide. It is some just down right nutty salmon fishing, love it. Should stay consistent like that with so many boats, recreational and commercial, off the water this year! Let us know for the last two weeks of July!


Serengeti Charters 07-05-2020 11:43 AM

Extended into end of JUly and August, huge deals and that time of the year huge fish to be caught !!!

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