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*BigSexyHunter* 05-30-2019 10:00 PM

WMU 356 Draw Summaries
Having trouble finding the draw summary for this WMU Antlerless Elk & Antlered Moose.

Wondering what kind of priorities are needed to be drawn, maybe Iím looking in the wrong place but I have found summaries for neighboring WMUís... unless they arenít a draw here.

Here is where Iíd think they should be...

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littlered 05-30-2019 10:05 PM

The moose are there. Scroll way down 941 942. Didn't look for elk

*BigSexyHunter* 05-30-2019 10:15 PM

Got them, thanks!! Why are the Moose under 942?

I scrolled through the list musta been too fas haha.

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BorealBucks 05-30-2019 10:41 PM

Use CNTRL + F for search type in WMU 356. Youll find it without having to scroll

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