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SilversidesBC 06-09-2017 10:07 PM

Fraser River Sturgeon Report: A+
Thanks for dropping by to view our Fraser River Sturgeon fishing report!

White Sturgeon fishing over the past week has been nothing short of epic for a lot of our charter guests.
In 5 charters there were 2 Giant Sturgeon landed plus 12 average sized in the 5.5 to 7.5 foot range.
The giants were 8 foot 4 inches and 8 foot 6 inches. The 8.5 footer was quite the show stopper which included 7 jumps and a 75 minute battle that took us over 5km down river before landing on the shore. See pics below. Read about that big Sturgeon article.

About June Sturgeon fishing:
Lots of very big Sturgeon in June. They also fight with extreme power and attitude. The water is at its highest in June due to snow melt but that only comes into play for finding shore spots for landing fish. Fish are feeding strongly if you have the right bait. Thankfully for your sake we invest highly in this.
Upcoming for July:
More water to fish and Lots of BIG Sturgeon.

Fulfill your Sturgeon dreams and book with the trusted authority for Fraser River guided fishing!

Watch your rod tips!
Brian Mack

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