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Whitetail200 07-10-2019 11:57 AM

The Buss On No. BS K-9 Extremes
First I'll say by checking Marty's info on the forum & the web , they are quite a impressive solid looking trap . I understand from what Marty has said that he's shown them to a senior member of the FIC & he said he can't see why they wouldn't be certified given the well made construction of the trap . That sounds great. The regulations say certified traps just recommended but not yet mandatory which in the mean time a person can use them, this is great .! But if they don't get certified & maybe it will be quite a while before they do but if they don't then what . As Marty has said the fact that it will not be 100% implemented & which parts of it are not law as more of it becomes implemented . Also Marty is right hopefully Wildlife Enforcement Officers are up on the standards . Confusing issue . Hopefully one is not faced in the field with a Officer not up on standards & is ready with his ticket book while your arguing to make your point but this would be on the extreme side I would think . Anyway I'm considering the investment given the information on the trap . Any views/opinions /or info from anyone that has used these already in Alberta . Thanks

Whitetail200 07-12-2019 07:39 AM

The Buzz On No. BS K-9 Extremes
OOP's , slip of the keys .

Marty S 07-12-2019 08:26 AM

If you were to have trouble with an officer in this dept, no big deal. Simply ask for his or her badge number if you dont personally know who he/she is and ask for their supervisors name and have a pleasant chat with that person and alls good.

As far as the traps go, worst case scenario and they end up not passing, there will exist many buyers for your used trap south of the border.

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