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KegRiver 04-03-2021 12:02 AM

Odering a Carcajou Mount
At this time I do not have my own web site yet so to buy one of my mounts one would have to email me at

Or send me a PM here on AO,

Or you could buy one at one of the stores that carry them.

So far I have them in only a few stores in the northern half of the province.

Stores that currently stock them are;

Big Timber Archery in Grande Prairie.
Cheap Seats Sporting Goods in Athabasca
Backcountry Sporting goods in Fort St. John, BC
Lac La Biche Sporting Goods in Lac La Biche

My price is $16.95 each, in store prices will be close to that but I do not set their price.

Shipping is extra, typically it's $15.99 for shipments of up to ten mounts.

Because of the thickness of the product I can not get a lower rate then $15.99, which is the small package rate.

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